Who Misted Better: Actress Song Ji Hyo vs. “Running Man’s” Ace Song Ji Hyo

Recently on an online bulletin board, two photos of actress Song Ji Hyo are receiving a lot of attention. Both pictures are of Song Ji Hyo applying facial mist spray; however the differences in their facial expressions and the atmosphere are surprising.

In the first picture is Song Ji Hyo wearing a simple white tank top. As she mists her face, Song Ji Hyo has a serene expression. She looks elegant and graceful in this photo.

On the other hand on the second photo, which is a captured image of Song Ji Hyo on SBS’s “Running Man,” she looks vastly different even though she is doing the exact same thing. In her comfortable outfit, Song Ji Hyo frowns adorably as she mists her face.

Netizens that saw these pictures commented, “Two faces of Song Ji Hyo! How could anyone not love her?” “They are the same person, right?” “I really like the ‘real’ Song Ji Hyo on ‘Running Man,’” “Not sure which is better.”