Lee Byung Hun Rumored to be Asian Prince in Hollywood Because He Wouldn’t Talk

On the most recent episode of SBS “Healing Camp,” Lee Byung Hun responded to the rumors about being a loner in Hollywood during the filming of “G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra.” He said, “First, there was the problem of communicating.”

He explained that the script reading day of the film “G.I. Joe” was the most nervous day of his life. In front of many famous film-industry insiders and honored guests, Lee Byung Hun kept missing his turn because he was having a hard time following the pace of the English script. Everyone at the script reading kept looking at him and he recalled this as an “embarrassing moment.”

Lee Byung Hun stated, “That’s when I started to feel timid. I kept worrying, ‘What do I do when someone tries to talk to me?’ So whenever my colleagues spoke to me, I only gave them short answers. I never started a conversation with them first.” He also explained that whenever all the actors had to move from one place to another in one vehicle, he stared out the window hoping that nobody would come talk to him.

He added, “I was timid and nervous, so I couldn’t approach others first. I only heard of the rumor after I became somewhat close with people towards the end of filming. One of the staff members told me, ‘There was a rumor saying that you’re a prince.’ Because I wouldn’t talk or hang out with others and just sit there by myself without saying a word, people thought that I was a prince in Asia.”