Who Sings It Better: Kim Bum Soo vs Park Jung Hyun

What do you think would happen when power vocals Kim Bum Soo and Park Jung Hyun go on an ad-lib vocal battle?

Kim Bum Soo was a guest on the recent “Hwa Shin” episode that aired on March 19 and shared a story about Park Jung Hyun and his joint concert. When the announcement for this joint concert was first made, many people took interest since both Kim Bum Soo and Park Jung Hyun are considered Korea’s top vocalists.

Kim Bum Soo shared that they prepared a surprise event for the audience. It was a “battle of vocals” between Kim Bum Soo and Park Jung Hyun. This “battle” was already scripted beforehand with each artist singing a pre-determined part. This was to protect each artist in case they might get hurt or upset during the event.

But Kim Bum Soo broke the promise to stick to the script because he felt that the audience was cheering harder for Park Jung Hyun, which fueled up his competitive juices. So instead of starting off low like the script said, he started off with an explosive note. But Park Jung Hyun wouldn’t back down as she kept matching his notes.

Kim Bum Soo said, “In the end, we sounded like whales. And by then, I lost the rhythm and it became a huge mess.” It turns out that Kim Bum Soo had lost to Park Jung Hyun during the ad-lib battle!

The emcees were engrossed in this interesting story as they asked, “What was it like in the waiting room after the concert was over?” Kim Bum Soo replied, “There is another twist to this story.”

It turns out, Park Jung Hyun said to Kim Bum Soo, “Hey, I think you were in a good condition today. Let’s work harder tomorrow, okay?” Kim Bum Soo fell into despair because that was his best effort but Park Jung Hyun spoke about it as if it was not a big deal!