Lee Byung Hun Poses and Talks to @star1: “Bruce Willis Is My Bibimbap Buddy”

Lee Byung Hun recently posed for a photo shoot and sat down for an interview for the April edition of the @star1 magazine.

He especially talked about his various experiences in Hollywood. When filming “Red 2,” Lee Byung Hun shared that instead of feeling timid or afraid because of the all-star cast of Bruce Willis, Catherine Zeta-Jones, John Malkovich, Anthony Hopkins and Helen Mirren, he felt excited and almost fan-like as he thought, “I have got to get a picture with them.”

Lee Byung Hun revealed that Bruce Willis especially took good care of him. He said, “Bruce Willis took care of me a lot. Every time we met, he shook my hand and bowed to me. He knew that Korea was big on etiquette and politeness so he was always showed good manners to me. We got close by eating bibimbap together and talking about the film.”

Lee Byung Hun continued, “My final destination isn’t Hollywood. I’m just knocking on the doors right now out of curiosity, taking little steps. I can feel that there is a language barrier here. So for me, Korean movies are still the most fun and most energetic.”

For the photo shoot, Lee Byung Hun shows off his signature boyish and mischievous smile in a handsome, red suit.

Meanwhile, Lee Byung Hun’s “G.I. Joe 2” will be hitting theaters on March 28 in Korea. On the other hand, “Red 2” will be released in August.