Are you impressed with the very sexy choreography of RaNia‘s “Just Go?” If you want to learn how to bust out with those moves from the members themselves, here is the video for you.

On March 18 Rania released the dance tutorial video with English subtitles for “Just Go” through the official Loen Entertainment YouTube channel. The video starts off with member montage and then the group introduces themselves as “Trendsetter RaNia.” In the video the group members teach and demonstrate the three main points of the choreography in their skin-tight lace body suits.

The three points are 1. Finger Flick Dance 2. Hips and Idiot Dance 3. Palm Blast Dance. At the end of the video RaNia promises to do their best and asks for continuous support.

You can watch the original music video. Also enter to win a personalized CD and watch Soompi’s exclusive interview and behind the scenes of their “Just Go” photo shoot.