“Fan” Snaps Photo of Big Bang’s T.O.P Sleeping Without Permission

A Chinese fan revealed a picture he or she took of Big Bang‘s T.O.P sleeping without the singer’s permission.

Recently, an online community bulletin posted a picture under the title “Chinese fan takes a picture of T.O.P sleeping.”

Inside the photo, T.O.P looks peaceful as he sleeps. The monitor in front of him hints that he fell asleep in the middle of watching a movie. He protectively holds onto the purple blanket and tries to best make use of his small space with his tall frame.

Netizens who saw the pictures made various comments including, “If T.O.P sees this picture, he won’t be able to sleep comfortably on planes anymore,” “Of course it’s a Chinese fan. Must’ve been in the business class too,” “A celebrity can’t even sleep comfortably,” “Stop taking these kinds of pictures. Good thing it wasn’t G-Dragon or else a photo of him using marijuana could’ve been leaked to the public.”

Meanwhile, Big Bang was invited to perform at “2013 Samsung Blue Day Festival in Nanjing” at Nanjing Olympic Sports Center on March 2.