PSY Changes Title and Theme of Future Track to Avoid Controversy

The world seems to be waiting for PSY to release his post “Gangnam Style” track, and the singer is going to do it carefully and without controversy.

We previously reported before that on March 18, PSY gave his me2day account the following update: “Among the two tracks I have been considering for release, what was formerly known as ‘Assarabeeya!’ will be changed in theme and lyrics. The other track might be released as a separate single later on. Once everything is settled, I will be sure to drop a teaser or spoiler of some sort!”

The reason for this change is because “Assarabeeya” is a Korean slang term used to express excitement. The problem is that the romanization “Assarabeeya” looks like a combination of two words. It is probably safe to assume that while the song may be about the first word, it will definitely have nothing to do with the second. However, Korean and English speaking Netizens were quick to find and point out the potential misinterpretation. Looks like PSY caught wind of the potential controversy and decided to safely change the song.

This would not be PSY’s first international controversy. After “Gangnam Style” went viral there were some misunderstandings about the Korean word for “You” pronounced “Neegah” from his past song “Champion.” PSY also had to issue a formal apology for some anti-American behavior in the past.

Despite all this, many people, especially Koreans, are looking forward to what could be PSY’s next big hit.