Han Hyo Joo Transforms into a Femme Fatale

Wow, Han Hyo Joo certainly looks seductive in the revealed photoshoot pictures! Han Hyo Joo partook in a “High Cut” photoshoot that had a sexy concept. The sexy photoshoot was for the issue of “High Cut” that will be released on March 21. The photoshoot was taken in the city that never sleeps, New York!

During the photoshoot interview, Han Hyo Joo talked about the “luck” she had, getting to work with good-looking male celebrities such as So Ji Sub, Go Soo, and Lee Byung Hun. Han Hyo Joo stated, “I got the chance the work with really great people. At first, I thought to myself, ‘Wow they are celebrities.’ But, after a while I just thought of them as older brothers from the same neighborhood.”

Han Hyo Joo also spoke about Jung Woo Sung, who she worked alongside for the upcoming film, “Lookout.” She stated, “Whatever Jung Woo Sung did, he really seemed like a celebrity. So I kept telling myself, ‘He is a true movie star.’ Whenever I said that to him, Jung Woo Sung would merely brush it off with a ‘Heh~.’ Seol Kyung Kyu would then ask, ‘What about me?’”

Han Hyo Joo also talked about how she learned the arts and physical education at a young age. She stated, “I wanted to do better as fast as possible. I even finished studying something that took 3 months in only a matter of a week. Whenever I would get used to something, I would get bored and look for something else. I think that is why acting really fits my personality. I am 100% satisfied with my life, where I am always challenging myself with new roles.”

Han Hyo Joo’s photoshoot will appear in the 98th edition of “High Cut” that will be released on March 21.