Younha Releases Teaser for “It’s Not Like That”

Soloist Younha is coming back with a new song! On March 19 Younha’s agency Wealive released a short video teaser for her upcoming song “It’s Not Like That” through their official YouTube channel.

“It’s Not Like That” is a collaboration with Brown Eyed Soul’s Naul, who also wrote and composed the song about the pain a separated couple goes through. The video starts off quietly, with cricket chirps and shots of Younha looking absolutely gorgeous with her curled hair partly tied back. Although the teaser reveals very little of the actual song, we can hear Younha’s soft and sad voice mix in perfectly with Naul’s harmony.

“It’s Not Like That” is slated for a March 22 release. Also, check out the interview she had with @Star1 where she talks about her music and healing activities.