JYJ Prepares Hard for Their Tokyo Dome Performance

JYJ fans go crazy (especially those in Japan)! Through their official Facebook page, JYJ revealed pictures showing them working hard to prepare for their upcoming Tokyo Dome performance. In one picture, you can see the JYJ members practicing their singing with music sheets. In another picture, they are shown practicing with a live band.

A representative stated, “JYJ has been practicing for their upcoming Tokyo dome concert for days in a row. They are currently maintaining their peak condition and every day they are practicing their dance moves and singing. All of the songs will be performed live, that is why they are checking even the small details. They are preparing for a perfect concert.”

The band and staff that practiced with JYJ stated, “We are looking forward to the concert because JYJ has perfect harmony and singing abilities. We will see a concert that only JYJ could do.”

The JYJ Tokyo Dome concert will be held for three days straight beginning from April 2.