Lee Hi Receiving Belated Attention for Her “Folder Bow”

YG Entertainment’s latest sweetheart is drawing much attention for her “folder bow” greeting.

Recently, an online community bulletin posted several screen captures of Lee Hi under the title “Lee Hi’s surprising courtesy, she knows business etiquette.”

The picture was posted last May by SBS through their official twitter account. It was taken during her participation at “Seoul Jazz Festival 2012 in the Park.”

Lee Hi was having a small conversation with the anonymous individual. After the person gave her a business card, she stood up and bowed ninety degrees while receiving the business card. She attentively scanned the business card after sitting back down.

Meanwhile, Lee Hi released title track “It’s Over” from her first studio album “First Love.” It’s been revealed that she will come back with her next title track “Rose,” which will be much darker than “It’s Over.”