Beautiful Photos of Eugene from Her Teenage Years Receive Admiration

On the recent episode of Onstyle’s “Get It Beauty,” which aired on March 20, past photos of MC Eugene were revealed.

The pictures were taken when Eugene was a member of girl group S.E.S 16 years ago. With her pale skin, large eyes, and long straight hair, Eugene was nicknamed the Korean Olivia Hussey.

Meanwhile on this episode, simple and basic cosmetic instructions were given for those women who lack makeup skills. Makeup artist Seo Soo Jin appeared on this show and 40 women were invited to take her beauty class.

The topics covered during this show included “How to shape your eyebrows,” “Finding the right foundation color,” and “Correct makeup bases for different skin types.” In addition, Seo Soo Jin also gave instructions on how to correctly apply lotion and mascara, and selecting the right color for the upcoming spring.

An official from this program stated, “There are so many women who want to learn about the basics of makeup, including how to find the right foundation color and apply lipsticks. This episode will help many to re-learn the fundamentals of cosmetics.”