Uee Shares Her Secret to Having Well-Toned Thighs

On the recent episode of KBS’s “1 vs. 100,” which aired on March 18, After School’s Uee appeared to make her attempt to win.

During the show, MC Han Suk Joon asked for her secret to developing her signature “Honey Thighs.” Uee replied, “I have always enjoyed exercising. In fact, there is one particular move that is great for your legs.”

Uee then showed a squat position, which involved placing her feet the same width as her shoulders and squatting down while keeping her knees straight. After attempting to imitate Uee’s position, MC Han Suk Joon gave up as he said, “It feels like my thighs are on fire.”

Netizens that saw this episode admired, “Perfect squat,” “No wonder she used to be an athlete,” “Her body looks great.”