Gary’s Romantic Message to Song Ji Hyo Shakes Females’ Hearts

LeeSsang‘s Gary sent a romantic video message to his “Running Man” castmate and “Monday couple” girlfriend, Song Ji Hyo, which shook the hearts of female viewers everywhere.

On March 20, a segment called “Craziest Things Stars Have Done” was aired during an episode of the SBS entertainment news show, “One Night of TV Entertainment.”

During that segment, Gary made a brief appearance. Gary has been receiving tons of love as he goes back and forth between the music and variety TV world, earning him the nickname, “Most Wanted Man Kang Gary.” His popularity largely stems from his romantic ways through the “Monday Couple” character with Song Ji Hyo in “Running Man.”

During the show, the production staff asked Gary to send a video message to Song Ji Hyo. As if reciting a poem or rapping to lyrics about love, Gary said, “I decided not to get close to you. Because it seems like in love, the more I try to get closer, the farther you get. So will you just stay as you are in that place right now?”

In related news, Gary and Song Ji Hyo’s “peppero game” revamped the “Monday Couple” romance in “Running Man,” which garnered a lot of attention.