Jessica Reveals a Bit of Her Black Bra for Cosmopolitan

Girls’ Generation Jessica Fans it looks like March 21 is your special day! Earlier, W Korea revealed their April edition photoshoot pictures of Jessica showing off her abs. Then, Cosmopolitan did another favor for Jessica fans by posting their April edition photoshoot pictures of her. In one of them, she is shown revealing her shoulder and a part of her sexy black bra, hubba hubba!

There were three Cosmopolitan pictures revealed: one showing her in sunglasses and a hot pink see through shirt, another showing her wearing a white beanie with sunglasses attached to it, and finally a picture where she is dressed like a hip-hop girl and reveals a bit of her black bra.

The concept of the photoshoot was “funny & funky.” The photoshoot was a collaboration between Cosmopolitan and Vivian Westwood Eyewear. You will be able to see Jessica’s full eyewear photoshoot on the April edition of Cosmopolitan!