Brown Eyed Girls’ Narsha Drops Off “Immortal Song”

Oh noes! The sexy queen of Brown Eyed Girls’, Narsha, is dropping off “Immortal Song.” It seems like we will not be able to hear her beautiful voice any longer on that show.

The recording on March 25 will be her last filming for the show. The reason she is dropping out is that she will be appearing in the musical “When a Man Loves a Woman,” as the female lead. The musical will go on from April 6 to June 2.

The last time Narsha made headlines before this was for her March edition photoshoot for “Arena.” The photoshoot picture was revealed on February 20. The reason that the picture made headlines was because of the fact that it really highlighted her chest! Check out the picture for yourself below!

It is quite interesting that she has dropped off “Immortal Song.” In the “Arena” interview she had stated, “Finally after appearing on ‘Immortal Song,’ I am beginning to hear ‘Narsha is good at singing.’”