[SNS PIC] Bare Faced Hyosung Looks Gorgeous in Recent Selcas

On her Twitter on March 21, group Secret’s Jeon Hyosung uploaded two photo along with a message, “I am truly thankful every day for different reasons. I would like to thank my fans. I think I am a really happy person. Good.”

In the pictures is Hyosung showing off her adorable charms with different facial expressions. Even though she appears to be wearing no makeup, Hyosung still looks gorgeous and natural in these photos.

Netizens that saw these selcas commented, “You look beautiful without makeup,” “I am so envious,” “Truly adorable.”  

In other news, Secret plans to hold their first exclusive concert in Singapore on March 29 at the Marina Bay Sands Convention Hall, which can hold up to 5,000 fans. The title of this concert will be, “Secret Live in Singapore.”