Park Shi Hoo’s Lie-Detector Results Supposedly Leaked

UPDATE & APOLOGY: The information in the original article was widely reported in Korea yesterday, and was covered by all the news outlets. However, as many have stated, a conflicting statement has come out from the same police station saying they never officially revealed the results (which completely makes sense, but doesn’t necessarily mean that the results weren’t leaked). We apologize that we were not able to update the article earlier, but please understand that we don’t have translators available 24/7, and there can be delays in reporting fast-moving stories such as this.

I’d also like to personally apologize on behalf of Soompi for letting our readers down. We have already been re-evaluating our editorial policies, though it’s been a difficult process as we try to figure out who we are in this space. We would be kidding ourselves to think we are the New York Times, but we still want to maintain the level of quality and trustworthiness that people expect from Soompi. Please continue to hold us accountable in this area as we strive to improve, and thank you for your patience even when we stumble. –soomp


About a week ago on March 13, we had reported that Park Shi Hoo and “A” who claimed that Park Shi Hoo raped her took a lie-detector test. Some media outlets had reported that the results revealed that he lied on all of the questions asked, though official police sources have denied that any results have been released.

For those of you who haven’t been following the news regarding Park Shi Hoo, currently “A” is claiming that she was raped by Park Shi Hoo on February 14.” Park Shi Hoo has denied these allegations.