MBLAQ’s Thunder to Appear in Drama As a Nail Artist!

Thunder fans rejoice! MBLAQ’s Thunder will be appearing in the upcoming drama “Nail Shop Paris.” The interesting fact is that he will be appearing in the drama as a nail artist with a lot of aegyo! (Cuteness)

MBLAQ’s agency J. Tune Camp stated on March 25, “Thunder has been cast on ‘Nail Shop Paris’ as one of the main characters. He will be appearing on the drama alongside Kara’s Park Gyuri, Jeon Ji Hoo, and Song Jae Rim.”

The drama “Nail Shop Paris” will be about a famous nail shop that contains flower-boy nail artists. It is a romantic comedy and it is the first drama to ever have a nail art as its subject matter.

Thunder is cast as the character, Jin. The character is very friendly and has a lot of aegyo.

According to J. Tune Camp, “Thunder is currently showing a lot of passion for his upcoming role. For example, he is learning nail art. Although there will be a lot of room for improvement because it is his first main role in a drama, please continue to show love and interest for Thunder who is working hard in new fields.”

Before this drama, Thunder has made an appearance in JTBC’s “Padam Padam.” 

Source: Nate