IVY Responds to Rumors about Breast Augmentation

On March 24, IVY posted several pictures of herself on her blog and updated fans about her recent whereabouts and other news. In doing so, she responded to various rumors about alleged breast augmentation surgery.

She wrote on her blog, “I keep getting these messages asking me where I got my breasts done. Uhm…I’m really thankful that you guys think I’m pretty (or voluptuous). I just want to say that my breasts are all natural, passed on from my mother… I mean, this is not like my breasts are some flatfish or something. I’d like to tell you my cup size and all of that, but I won’t go that far.”

She added to her post a piece of advice for fans and readers regarding plastic surgery. She stated that she gets a lot of comments and messages asking her about plastic surgery information and wrote, “Don’t get plastic surgery without putting much thought into it. And do not trust all plastic surgeons. Some of them are only interested in your money and don’t care what happens to you.”