Lee Jung Jae Looks the Same He Did 15 Years Ago!

Folks, it is quite possible that Lee Jung Jae might be a vampire! It looks as though he does not age at all! Currently, his timeless good looks have become a big issue among Korean Netizens.

Recently, Lee Jung Jae’s popularity increased tremendously with his appearance in the popular film, “The New World.” The film has now reached an audience of 4 million! However, his current looks have been compared to a movie he appeared in titled, “There Is no Sun” which was released in 1999. (This is approximately 15 years ago!) He hasn’t changed one bit!

A representative of Lee Jung Jae’s entertainment agency C-JeS Entertainment stated, “Lee Jung Jae has been very strict with taking care of himself. As a result he has maintained his timeless charms for nearly 20 years.”