Forty-Year-Old Actress Jo Eun Sook Shows Off Her Amazing Abs

Recently on online community bulletin boards, several photos were uploaded under the title, “Jo Eun Sook’s Unreleased Pictures of Her Abs.”

In the photos is 40-year-old Korean actress Jo Eun Sook, who is showing off her amazingly well toned body. She is wearing simple but tight gym clothes that display her muscular arms and washboard abs. Fans that saw these pictures could not help but admire Jo Eun Sook’s body, especially considering that she is in her 40’s now.

Netizens that saw these photos admired, “Her body is amazing,” “It almost looks like the photos have been photoshopped,” “A female Kim Jong Kook,” “She must exercise a lot,” “Can’t believe she is a married woman,” “I am so envious,” “That is one sexy woman.”