Sayuri: “Korean and Japanese Celebrities Are Good Liars”

Japanese entertainer in Korea Fujita Sayuri appeared on the most recent episode of TV Chosun “Inside Story” and claimed that celebrities in both Korea and Japan are good at lying while discussing under the topic, “lies.” Sayuri explained, “Once, a male celebrity who is known for his naive and innocent image asked me to be friends with him, saying that he doesn’t have a girlfriend. Later, I found out that he was living with another woman. It was shocking.” 

However, Sayuri was not to blame others for their exceptional lying abilities as she successfully deceived fellow cast members on this episode of “Inside Story.” While playing the game of eating fried tofu sushi and guessing who’s had too much wasabi in their sushi, Sayuri tricked everyone with her lies and perfect acting. After the game was over, she revealed her philosophy about lies, “Even when you lie, you should never hurt other people.” 

Also on this episode of “Inside Story,” celebrities will talk about their rivals as well as lies. MC Kim Sung Joo picked MBC “Dad! Where Are We Going?” co-star Lee Jong Hyuk as his rival, while Lee Sook Young picked Kim Sung Joo as her rival. Moreover, Lee Hong Ryul, Jeon Young Rok, Lee Seung Jin, and Seol Soo Hyun all revealed their biggest rivals in their lives on this episode of “Inside Story.”