Broadcaster Park Ji Yoon Compares SM, YG, and JYP Systems

During the most recent filming session of JTBC “Sseol Jeon,” a panel of celebrities and broadcasters analyzed and discussed about the big 3 of entertainment industry, SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment, and JYP Entertainment, and their CEOs, celebrities, and overall system. 

Broadcaster Park Ji Yoon pointed out the clear distinction among these three companies and described them using the metaphor of school system. She said, “SM is like a military academy with thorough education programs, while YG is more like an alternative school focusing on each and everyone’s unique individuality. JYP resembles homeschooling system because everything’s up to JYP himself.” 

In addition, film critic Heo Ji Young compared the CEOs of these agencies to different types of food businesses. He said, “Lee Soo Man is like the celebrity chef with his original recipe, that’s been attracting customers over the generations and Yang Hyun Suk is a new franchise restaurant owner with a new, unique menu. Park Jin Young is a master craftsman with his own philosophy like ‘half air, half food.'” 

This episode of “Sseol Jeon” discussing the top entertainment agencies of Korea will air on March 28 at 11pm KST.