Daesung Once Lied to Be with Girlfriend & Shares His Timid Method of Hitting on Girls

After revealing that he had a girlfriend while Big Bang was in Japan, Daesung shared a story of how he pretended to lose his passport so he could look after his girlfriend.

Daesung appeared on “Hwa Shin” on March 26 along with G-Dragon, Kim Kyung Ho, Kahi and No Sa Yeon and shared many honest and interesting stories.

While the topic of the discussion was, “The thing that holds me back when I want to break up,” Daesung shared a particular incident with his past girlfriend.

He said, “When we had to go to Japan for a schedule, my girlfriend was sick,” and “I pretended to have lost my passport so I could take care of her.”

Then G-Dragon, in surprise, said, “This is the first time I’m hearing about this,” and Daesung quickly said, “But this didn’t cause any troubles to our schedule,” which caused many to laugh.

Daesung also shared his timid method on hitting on girls!

He started off by saying, “I’m not good at talking and I’m really shy. And I’m very cautious of what I do.”

He continued, “There was a time when I liked a girl who I couldn’t meet often. I had her phone number so I kept thinking about how I could contact her without seeming awkward or forced. Then I came up with this method: pretending to call the wrong person.”

“Because I would get nervous before calling, I had to write out a whole script of what I was going to say. I would pretend to be calling my stylist so I even wrote out specific lines and I would start talking even before I heard her voice on the line.”

Then G-Dragon commented, “I actually do call the wrong person by mistake but never on purpose.” Then Daesung said, “That’s because G-Dragon is a confident person. I too, shall find my own way to live. Even though we’re in the same group, there are many different ways, okay?”

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