Girls’ Generation’s YoonA Leaves Cute Message to Fans, Looks Amazing Close Up

For us common folks, it’s a good thing when technology keeps improving. However, it must be stressful for celebrities because if there’s a hint of skin trouble, it will be really obvious on screen or in pictures.

On March 27, Girls’ Generation’s YoonA posted a message through the group’s official homepage.

It reads, “You’re doing well S♡NE, right? It feels like it’s been a long time since I wrote something. I’m currently really busy participating in the arena tour. When I recently went to Korea, it was during the last bits of winter so it was really cold. I hope that no one got a cold~ I’m getting better. Please be careful.”

 Meanwhile, Girls’ Generation is currently touring Japan with “2013 Girls’ Generation’s Arena Tour” and will host its last concert on April 21.