Shin Se Kyung Is Satisfied with Playing Characters with Unfortunate Backgrounds

On March 27 during the press conference for upcoming MBC drama “When a Man Loves,” actress Shin Se Kyung discussed her thoughts on playing characters with unfortunate backgrounds. In addition to the role she will play in this new drama, Shin Se Kyung has in the past played another character of poor background in sitcom “High Kick Through the Roof.”

Shin Se Kyung stated, “The character I played in ‘Highkick’ must have been very memorable. Some have even suggested that I get offered these roles because I look pitiful.”

She continued, “I think many of the main characters in Korean dramas often come from unfortunate backgrounds. It is not a bad thing. Especially in melodrama, it is fitting. Perhaps continuing to play similar roles may affect my career negatively in the future, but that is something I need to overcome.”

When asked about public’s criticism on her acting skill, Shin Se Kyung answered, “I am trying my best to solve this problem. It is hard since I can’t help but be sensitive to what others think. I sometimes wonder if I should just focus on acting truthfully, or on how others would see me. I am receiving a lot of good advices from senior actors. I am doing my best.”

Meanwhile, the first episode of “When a Man Loves” will be aired on April 3, 2013.