[SNS PIC] Kyuhyun Proves His Popularity to Changmin?

Super Junior‘s Kyuhyun recently teased DBSK‘s Changmin about his popularity in his latest twitter post.

On March 27, Kyuhyun tweeted a photo of Changmin with the following caption, “I can finally have something to be proud about around Shim Changmin. Hyung is this kind of person.”

In the revealed photo, Changmin poses while smiling broadly against the background of crowds eager to catch a glimpse of the stars. But if you look very carefully, you might notice something else in the background that caught Kyuhyun’s eye. In fact, a huge banner can be seen hung behind Changmin featuring none other than Kyuhyun himself in a Thai advertisement. Kyuhyun appears to have taken the photo himself and teases Changmin who is 15 days younger than him that he’s a little popular too. 

The photo of Changmin and Kyuhyun’s banner ad was taken at the Digital Gateway Siam Square in Thailand.