Ladies’ Code Kwon Ri Sae’s “Nano-Sized Waist”

LadiesCode Kwon Ri Sae‘s “nano-sized waist” has become a hot topic on online community forums. On March 28, behind-the-scenes photos of Ladies’ Code members during a photoshoot were posted on online community forums. 

In the photos, Ladies’ Code members are wearing matching black-and-white outfits for a polished and refined look. Out of all the members, Netizens raved about Kwon Ri Sae’s “nano-sized waist” which has been gathering a lot of interest. Kwon Ri Sae’s hourglass figure is accentuated by her form-fitting mini dress that allows her to reveal a coveted waist line that surprised many netizens. Kwon Ri Sae had mentioned in a previous interview that the members were placed on a strict diet that consisted of “half an apple, milk and water”!

Netizens who saw the photo remarked, “She has the proportions of an ant! That’s a nano-sized waist,” “Is this really a candid photo without any touch ups?” “Her figure’s so gorgeous, it would make any guy’s jaw drop,” and “Wow, that is one amazing figure!” 

In related news, Ladies’ Code recently debuted with title track “Bad Girl” and are actively promoting their music.