PSY Wears a Wedding Dress for Concert Posters

PSY‘s “Happening” concert posters have recently been revealed! On March 27, PSY went all out and dressed up in a wedding dress for his “Happening” concert promotional posters. He tweeted the images of the two versions of the concert poster on his twitter page with the caption, “Let’s set Sangam-dong aflame!” 

The first poster shows PSY dancing in a white dress, white fur coat with a princess crown tiara. Either he’s simply being flamboyant, or the singer has embedded a hidden clue about a new dance move that’s about to sweep the globe yet again. The writing across PSY reads, “Have you prepared your white clothes?” The second version of the poster has PSY’s face cropped and pasted onto figures wearing various outfits. 

PSY’s “Happening” Concert is scheduled for April 13 at the Seoul Sangam-dong World Cup Stadium and the posters ask fans to come dressed in all white. PSY will also be revealing his newest track on April 13 and fittingly named his concert “Happening” for the memorable occasion.