Akdong Musician Reveals That They Now Have 54 Self-Composed Songs!

Recently, on March 25 the contestants Bang Ye Dam, Andrew Choi, and Akdong Musician from SBS “K-Pop Star 2” made an appearance on the SBS radio show “Escape 2PM Cult Show.”

During the radio show, Akdong Musician member Lee Chan Hyuk was asked, “Did you really compose 48 songs?” Lee Chan Hyuk replied, “Now it is about 54 songs. I have continued to write songs while ‘K-Pop Star 2’ has been going on, and that is why the number has increased.”

Lee Chan Hyuk was asked why the Akdong Musicians continue to perform self-composed songs on the show. He simply answered, “It is because we are getting a good response.”

Lee Chan Hyuk added, “We are preparing hard. Although we get a lot of stress I hope that we could show everything up on stage.” His sister and fellow member Lee Soo Hyun also said, “Because we don’t have that many live performances yet, we are trying are our best. We will be very thankful if you watch us with interest.”

Currently, the Top 3 contestants of “K-Pop Star 2” are Akdong Musician, Bang Ye Dam, and Andrew Choi.

The next “K-Pop Star 2” show will broadcast on March 31.