Lee Seung Gi Lost Weight for “Gu Family Book”

Why do celebrities always lose weight when they make a comeback through dramas or album promotions?

On March 28, Lee Seung Gi revealed through an interview, “Historical dramas already have certain structures and appearances set so I wondered whether I could do a good job [through “Gu Family Book“]. I can’t wear my hair in a way I want and there are limits with outfits, but the production team is doing a superb job and I can see my character from the script coming to life.”

He continued, “I’ve studied so I become more like Choi Kang Chi and look more like him. I wanted to look nimble so I enrolled in an action school after deciding on this project to learn more action moves through practice drills. I’ve also practice horse riding so I can develop his skills. I also lost 6.6 pounds (3kg). Through this project, I want to show more of the character Kang Chi rather than Lee Seung Gi.”

Lee Seung Gi finished off the interview talking about miss A’s Suzy, “She seems to contain a lot of freshness. Suzy’s the first co-star that’s younger than me. Her twenty-year old energy is a big help at the filming site.”

Meanwhile, “Gu Family Book” will premiere on April 8 on MBC following “Horse Healer.”