JYJ Heats Up South Korean and Japanese Airports

JYJ really heated up both Japan and South Korea’s airports!

JYJ will be holding their Tokyo dome concert on April 2-4. On March 27, they left for Tokyo via the Gimpo Airport in South Korea. Over 500 fans waited at the airport at a very early time to see their favorite group leave for Japan.

Once JYJ arrived at the Tokyo International Airport, nearly 1,000 fans were waiting for them. The Japanese fans stayed within the designated safe lines and cheered on JYJ while they sat down on the floor.

A representative stated, “Once news broke out that JYJ was arriving in Japan, too many fans came to the airport. That is why the airport provided benches and other furniture. They also made a safe line. This is a rare case in Japan, and it reaffirms JYJ’s popularity in Japan.”

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