NS Yoonji Explains the Meaning Behind Her Name

Did you know the meaning behind NS Yoonji?

Recently on the MBC Everyone Cable Channel “Single Season 2” NS Yoonji appeared alongside the model Clara and Han So Yeong. For the show, the trio left for Incheon’s Seokmodo Island.

Han So Yeong asked NS Yoonji why there was an NS in front of her name. NS Yoonji replied, “My real name is Kim Yoonji. NS just means “New Spirit.” Then she also said something very funny. She said, “My fans have made nicknames for me regarding my name. Some call me Namsan Yoonji, Nonsan Yoonji, and Nong Soo San Yoonji.” (Namsan and Nonsan are two mountains in South Korea. Nonsan is also the name of a city. Nong Soo San means agriculture and fisheries.)

The episode of “Single Season 2” featuring NS Yoonji was broadcast on March 25.