The Film “New World” Receives Praise from U.S. Critics!

Woot, there seems to be no end for the success of the awesome Korean mobster film “New World.” Within 26 days of release, the film has amassed 4 million viewers and it is currently about to reach 4.5 million viewers.

The film opened in the U.S. on March 21, and the U.S. press is giving it a lot of praise. The New York Times stated, “’New World’ is both less bloody and more thoughtful than most of its genre, the shifting-alliances plot becoming more engrossing as it progresses.”

The Los Angeles Times stated, “Writer-director Hoon-jung Park tells this twisty story of internecine warfare within a Korean corporate crime syndicate with patience, elegance and no small amount of bloodshed.”

Here are some more: “No one in American movies has made a crime opera this good in years.” (, “Gangster-movie fanatics should take note: New World dishes out enough of the genre’s oldest pleasures to make it worthwhile.” (Time Out New York) and “Smart, sharp entertainment that meets expectations dead on…if you’ve been looking for another The Departed-esque movie to keep you guessing, this would be a good place to start.” (The Playlist)

Bottom line is: Go watch it now!