Yoo Seung Ho Cried After Talking to His Parents on the Phone from Boot Camp

On March 23, Yoo Seung Ho updated family, friends, and fans through a journal entry posted on 27th Division of Recruit Training Center’s official online cafe. He started his post by saying, “Today has been a good day from the beginning. I had Gundae-lia (military-style hamburger) for breakfast. Meal times are the happiest moments of my days.” 

He continued to describe his life at the boot camp, “After a delicious meal, we brought our blankets and sleeping bags out to the field to dust them off. After dusting them off, we spread all the blankets and sleeping bags out under the sun in front of our company. Once I was done with laundry, I got a tetanus shot.”

Yoo Seung Ho also talked about his parents and how a brief conversation with them made him cry. He wrote, “While I was writing a journal, the battalion commander told us that everyone in the 10th company could use the phone. He said that our parents might be worried since they haven’t gotten a letter or e-mail from their sons lately. I had 3 minutes to talk to my parents and was very nervous. On top of that, the first call didn’t even go through. When I finally reached my parents, I was busy asking them questions like how they are doing and whether they got my letter and things like that. After just a couple of questions, they told me my 3 minutes is up. I never knew 3 minutes could be that short. I wanted to cry any time, but I didn’t during the phone call. But when I hung up the phone, I couldn’t help the tears. I ended up crying. That was the happiest 3 minutes of my life.” 

Currently, Yoo Seung Ho is in his fourth week of training and is waiting to be stationed to a different base once his training is over. The decisions regarding base placement usually occurs in the fifth week of a soldier’s training. A representative from Yoo Seung Ho’s training camp said that Yoo Seung Ho will learn about post-boot camp placement in a week or so.