Jessica Gives Sexy Piercing Gaze for Beauty+ Magazine

Girls’ Generation’s Jessica gave a piercing and sexy gaze for the April edition of the beauty magazine, Beauty+.

This photo shoot was held along with the cosmetics brand, Banila Co, for which Jessica is a model. She sports smokey makeup and elegant dresses. Her beauty and professionalism is said to have impressed the staff significantly. It is also said that Jessica’s hectic schedule of going back and forth from Korea to Japan did not cause her to slow down or show fatigue.

Jessica shows off a lovely and mature atmosphere in these photos. Her ability to understand each concept of each cut is said to make her one of the top model choices for brands and magazines.

Jessica also shared some of her beauty tips with the magazine. She said that she always cleanses her skin thoroughly even when she is busy. The items that she always carries around with her are a mask, moisturizer, tint and perfume. Jessica also shared the skin products she uses before going to sleep, hair care tips, self makeup tips and more. Jessica also revealed that she likes to collect sneakers and t-shirts.

This photo shoot and Jessica’s beauty and fashion tips can be seen in the April issue of Beauty+.