Kara Celebrates 6 Year Anniversary With Messages to Fans

Kara celebrates its sixth year in the entertainment industry!

On March 29, the members updated their Twitter accounts with meaningful messages to the fans.

Nicole: “Ding dong~ It’s our 6th year anniversary! Wow. It came before I knew it.. it was a packed 6 years, right? Like a roller coaster.. since time is passing without really knowing, I want to spend each and every day with a full schedule. We have more days together and whatever happens, let’s overcome it together. We became stronger.. love you, Kamilia~ You know my heart, right?”

Han Seung Yeon: “Uh.. I was watching Karasia DVD and it finished not too long ago and it became the 29th. For the time spent wondering if we could make it, for the time the members supported each other when no one showed us interest and stared us down. Thank you. Kamilia, who watched us go through happy and lonely times and also brought us back. I love you.”

Kang Ji Young: “It’s the 6th year anniversary. Kara is jjang! I’m very thankful. Please support us.”

Park Gyuri: “Kara’s 6th year anniversary.. which means it’s our 7th coming year? March 29 came without fail this year. I will spend the day thankful for many things.. ^^ I’m not able to sleep now. Hehe.”

Goo Hara: “Wow. I slept early and just woke up. It’s crazy on Twitter now. Why? It’s Kara’s 6th year anniversary~~ Wow, so cool. Don’t need to keep it long. Kara + Kamilia is jjang. I pray that everyone will be happy and loved inside Kara~~ Thank you and I love you. <3 Now I need to sleep again! Bbyong good night.”

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