G.Na Sheds Happy Tears For “Music Bank” Win

Singer G.Na recently won first place for her title track “Oops!” and shed tears of happiness for her hard work. The singer’s dedication to her craft is undeniable, especially when the choreography for “Oops!” leaves noticeable bruises on her knees. Ouch!

On March 29, G.Na’s “Oops!” went head to head with Busker Busker‘s “Cherry Blossom Ending” for the number one spot on KBS TV’s “Music Bank.” 

Upon hearing the announcement that she had won, the star could not contain her shock and thrill. She began by thanking her staff and couldn’t help shedding joyous tears. She also gave a shout out to her loved ones saying, “I love you mom. Dad, I won first place!” 

“Oops!” is the perfect song for spring, the season of romance where a woman might find herself falling for a younger man. Through “Oops!” G.Na has been able to show sides of her that are both lovable and charismatic. 

Some of the artists who joined G.Na for performances on “Music Bank” included 2AM, SHINee, D-Unit, Teen Top, Rainbow, Hong Jin Young, Heo Young Saeng and Girl’s Day