Infinite’s Sunggyu Reveals How He Uses His Camera Time

Infinite’s Sunggyu recently revealed how he appeals to viewers when the camera is on him. 

On March 29, seven-member idol group Infinite made a guest appearance on KBS2’s “Yoo Hee Yul’s Sketchbook.”  

On that day, Yoo Hee Yul asked the members, “Since you guys have a lot of members, the camera time on each of you individually must be very short. How do you all manage to show your appeal in those five seconds?”

Leader Sunggyu answered, “I don’t usually have a lot of gestures prepared, so it’s something I’ve definitely worried about. Whenever the camera would come to me, I used to give a wink. But since my eyes are small, you can’t even tell if I winked or just blinked. So I started using my hand to blow kisses at the camera.” 

In related news, Moon Hee Joon was also a guest on the show along with Infinite.