Naul Addresses Rumors About Cheating on Han Hye Jin

On March 29, singer Naul went on twitter to dispel false rumors about the reasons for his breakup with actress Han Hye Jin. Especially rumors about who had cheated on whom. 

A news source had recently been circulating a vicious rumor that the reason the pair had decided to break up was because Naul had first cheated on his girlfriend with SECRET‘s Song Ji Eun. Han Hye Jin confirmed she was dating soccer player Ki Sung Yong on March 27 and spoke on the criticism regarding the short period of time between her breakup with Naul and her getting together with Ki Sung Yong. 

He wrote, “Lately I’ve realized just how powerful rumors can be. Especially when it leads everyone to believe that you could be dating someone you’ve never met. I’ve never met SECRET’s Song Ji Eun and when I first heard these rumors, I thought they were so baseless and ridiculous that I thought they would eventually die off. But instead it fueled even greater speculation that I would cheat on my previous girlfriend of 9 years with a young girl. While Hye Jin was with me, she never once looked at any other man. And for that, I was always thankful. Please do not throw stones at a woman who should be happy with a new man in her life and wants to move on with only good memories, however painful it might be. It really hurts to hear rumors like these. Please, I beg you to stop.” 

News of the couple’s breakup broke out sometime late December of last year.