Yoon Shi Yoon’s Colorful Pictorial For “Men’s Health”

“Flower Boy Next Door” actor Yoon Shi Yoon recently appeared in a pictorial to steal the hearts of fans once again. 

Yoon Shi Yoon was featured in the April issue of Men’s Health magazine for the “Point Made” segment. For the dreamy vacation photo shoot, Yoon Shi Yoon traveled to the exotic islands of the Northern Mariana Islands. Against the backdrop of the exotic scenery, Yoon Shi Yoon revealed his masculine charms in addition to his adorable charms that viewers have known him for from his role in drama “Flower Boy Next Door.” Adorable Yoon Shi Yoon is outfitted in colorful and casual clothes for the vacation abroad.

Photos from Yoon Shi Yoon’s pictorial will be available on the April issue of “Men’s Health.”