Clazziquai’s Horan Is a Happy Bride

34-year-old singer Horan recently shared with the press, “I am so happy to be married!” 

On March 30, Horan was married at the Renaissance Hotel in Seoul at approximately 3:30pm. There was also press at the wedding to cover the joyous event.

Horan could not stop smiling on her wedding day and when asked to share how she felt said, “It feels so sweet to be married. Rather than feeling very nervous, I’m very excited. I think today’s going to be a fun day. Three days ago it didn’t really hit me that I was getting married until today. Once I saw my fiancé dressed up in his suit, I had a ‘sha-la-la’ moment.” 

Many singers, including her fellow group members of Clazziquai, were present for the wedding ceremony.

Horan dated her non-celebrity husband ten years ago for about two years and then recently met up last year around June, where sparks flew again between the two.

When asked about her fellow Clazziquai member Alex who was still single, she replied, “Alex receives a lot of questions as to why he still hasn’t gotten married. I’m sure Alex is bound to find someone that he wants to spend the rest of his life with.”