Park Bo Young Suffers from Hallucinations Due to Hunger on “Rules of the Jungle”

On SBS’s “Rule of the Jungle in New Zealand,” which aired on March 29, actress Park Bo Young worried her fans as she suffered from hallucinations.

Park Bo Young stated, “I didn’t realize that they would really go this far. I am so tired. I haven’t had a good meal in 3 days. As we walked here, I started to dry vomit. I am so hungry.”

She continued, “I was sitting down to rest when I saw a banana. I thought, ‘The staff members are so mean. They know we are starving, yet they are eating bananas.’ Then suddenly I realized that it wasn’t a banana, but it was a yellow shoe. It wasn’t even a banana-yellow color, but neon color. I am hallucinating. I am going crazy. Please give me something to eat.”

Netizens that saw this episode commented, “Poor Park Bo Young,” “Three days without a good meal… I wouldn’t be able to survive,” “I am glad she came back safely.”