PSY Is on the “TIME 100” Online Poll!

In the past, Stephen Colbert of the Colbert Report had a joke feud with Rain. Rain had ousted Stephen Colbert on the “TIME 100” online poll. Well, it looks like Stephen Colbert and Rain have somebody to watch out for, PSY!

PSY was nominated as one of the candidates for the “TIME 100” online poll list on March 28. This time, PSY is the only Korean on this list. Rain had appeared twice on the “Time 100” poll in 2006 and 2011. TIME introduced PSY as a “South Korean star that started a worldwide phenomenon with ‘Gangnam Style.’”

Here are some of the other names on the list: Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Beyonce, Bill Clinton, Peter Jackson, George Lucas, and etc.

The online poll will go on until April 12. The results of the online poll will be on April 18.