New Albums And Singles Preview – 2013 March Week 5

Lee Soo Young – Classic: The Second Remake (released)

01 As I Continue to Love
02 HuiJae
03 Donde Voy
04 Han River 3 Bridge
06 For a Change
07 Snowflake
08 Old Story

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Lee Soo Young returns after four long years with her second remake album, “Classic: The Second Remake.” The album holds eight remakes including, “Fate” (Lee Seung Chul), “Snowflake,” and HuiJae (Sung Si Kyung). Through this album, listeners will be able to hear these songs in a new light. The singer plans to finally perform on stage once again this spring.

Lunafly Vol. 1 – Fly To Love (April 3)


01 Kisses
02 Fly to Love
03 Help Me Find a Way
04 How Great It’d Be
05 One More Step
06 Clear Day Cloudy Day
07 What’s Your Name
08 Whether I’m Looking Whether I Miss You
09 Kisses INST
10 Fly to Love INST


01 Van Gogh
02 Fly to Love
03 Innocent and Young
04 Super Hero
05 One More Step
06 Day By Day
07 What’s Your Name
08 You Got That Something I Need
09 Super Hero INST
10 Day By Day INST

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Lunafly, who made their debut in 2012, has returned with their first album titled, “Fly to Love.” It is known that the band composed all their songs excluding “Kisses” and “What’s Your Name,” which were gifts from Korea’s top hit maker, Yun Il Sang. The title track is “Fly to Love,” a summery pop number. The song starts off with reggae sounds, soon followed by house beats during the climax.

Electroboyz Vol. 1 – In Love (April 2)

01 Ma Boy3 (feat. Nana (Orange Caramel))
02 Ride With Me (feat. JC Jieun)
03 Love (feat. Seung Hui From Brave New Girl Group)
04 Good Night
05 Hot
06 Wish It Was Like This
07 No1
08 Ma Boy2 (Remix) (Feat. Hyorin)
09 Ma Boy3 (INST)

Electroboyz finally makes a comeback with their first full-length album, “In Love.” The title track is “Ma Boy3,” an R&B, hip-hop track featuring Orange Caramel’s very own Nana. The Brave Brothers and members of Electroboyz are responsible for composing and penning this song.

Position (mini-album) – What I Expect In The Spring (released)

01 I’m a Fool
02 Did You Know
03 What I Expect in the Spring
04 On the Days I Miss You (Get Lost)
05 I Love You 2013 New Ver.
06 What I Expect in the Spring INST
07 I Love You 2013 New Ver. INST
08 Did You Know INST

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The legend of ballads, Position, returns after six years with a new mini-album, “What I Expect in the Spring.” The title track is of the same title and is a Hong Ji Young masterpiece. It is a medium-tempo rock number with a hint of pop. The song holds lyrics about missing one’s ex-lover in the spring time. Besides the title track, there are four other new songs.

Phantom (single) – Just Bring Your Bodies Only (released)

01 Just Bring Your Bodies Only (With Verbal Jint)
02 Just Bring Your Bodies Only INST

Phantom and Verbal Jint have joined hands for “Just Bring Your Bodies Only.” The song is dedicated to the two artists’ fans and will be performed for the first time at Phantom’s first concert on May 17th.

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