[SNS PIC] Tiffany, YoonA, and Taeyeon Take Adorable Selcas

Recently on her Instagram on March 30, Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon uploaded a set of four photos along with a message, “We are waiting behind the stage. We can’t wait.”

In the pictures are Tiffany, YoonA, and Taeyeon. Tiffany is wearing a black blouse and holding the camera, while Taeyeon and YoonA are standing behind her. With their adorable facial expressions and cute poses, Tiffany, YoonA, and Taeyeon look gorgeous in these selcas.

Fans that saw these photos commented, “Tiffany, YoonA, and Taeyeon are all lovely,” “Taeyeon is so cute,” “Tiffany’s wink melts my heart,” “YoonA’s legs are gorgeous.”

Meanwhile, Girls’ Generation is currently busy with its “2013 Girls’ Generation Second Japanese Arena Tour,” which will end on April 21, 2013.