Yoon Do Hyun Talks a Bit About K-Pop Star 2

The MC of SBSK-Pop Star 2” himself Yoon Do Hyun talked about the contestants! He appeared on the YTNNews 12 – Issue and People” broadcast of March 29.

Yoon Do Hyun talked about the show, “Currently there are a lot of younger individuals appearing on SBS ‘K-Pop Star 2.’ Currently Bang Ye Dam, Akdong Musician, and Andre Choi left are the contestants left as the TOP 3.” (Currently only Bang Ye Dam and Akdong Musician remain)

Yoon Do Hyun added, “I don’t know who will win at the end. I was very good at guessing the winners and the people who lost for season 1 of ‘K-Pop Star.’ I talked with people in the backstage and almost got them all right. However, I got everything wrong for this season. I think the results are unpredictable.”

Then he also stated, “I see myself when I see the younger contestants. On one side I am a bit worried. I think that if people too young get so much attention they might not end up well. In the Korean music industry, there is nothing eternal. There might be some mishaps in the middle of their careers, that is why I am worried.”