[SNS PIC] G.NA Snaps a Photo with Gag Concert Members

On March 31, singer G.NA uploaded a photo on her Twitter along with a message, “Did you watch ‘Gag Concert’ today? I didn’t watch it yet but I heard that it has already been aired, so here is a photo to go with it. ‘Discovery of Life’ fighting! I will have to watch it as soon as possible.”

In the picture is G.NA standing with the members of “Gag Concert,” including Shin Bora, Song Joong Geun, and Kim Ki Ri. All are smiling at the camera, except for Kim Ki Ri, who is staring at G.NA intensely.

Meanwhile, G.NA has recently appeared on “Discovery of Life” section of “Gag Concert” and showed off her voluptuous body, making Shin Bora jealous.