Harisu Talks About Her Cross-Dressing Role for Musical “Drag Queen”

Harisu will be appearing in the musical “Drag Queen.” She will play the character Madame Oh who is the owner of Black Rose. In an interview Harisu stated, “I am practicing every day. I am practicing every day and am having a hard time because I keep getting a cold and then recovering. I am not used to such a strict lifestyle but everyone else besides me is practicing hard, late into the night.” “

Harisu stated, “After seeing the script I was interested in it, because it was a role I had never tried before. People think that it is a transgender role but it is not, I play a male cross-dresser. Because this is a musical I will show you fun things, but I think I will also be able to show off more authentic acting.”

Harisu also talked about a moment where everyone around her cried during rehearsals. She stated, “Due to the character, the story is a bit sad. While rehearsing I do not usually show my emotions. One time, I went deep into character. I was doing my solo and I was emotionally immersed in my role, everyone around me cried. I think it is because it was really my story as well. For rehearsal I was doing a scene where the characters talks about his whole life, everyone started to cry until their noses went red.”

The musical “Drag Queen” will open from April 5 to May 1.